This section is dedicated to the UW-Rock County Intro to Creative Writing classes. Each semester, the students develop a polished piece of creative work to publish.

therockThoughts from the Rock (fall 2013)

Print Edition available on for $3.41

Ebook edition available for free. Click here to download the pdf

Hello, and welcome to our rock. We invite you to sit around our campfire and let your eyes experience the tells and tales of 14 modern-day bards. Thoughts from the Rock is a   collection of works put together in 2013 by the fall creative writing class of the University of Wisconsin- Rock County, under the supervision of Prof. Kenneth Brosky. Whether you’ve come for a short story, a song, or a poem, you’ve come to the right place. Freely indulge all of your literary tastes with stories ranging from an unexpected first year at college, to the shock of a young girl’s first day as an angel. Feeling poetic? Thoughts from the Rock includes a number of poems that strive to sweep up the beauty and realism from every corner of your mind. And if you were worried about your eyes getting tired from never putting our book down, Thoughts from the Rock has got you covered, yet again, with 3 original songs that will bring joy to your ears. So quickly, find a comfortable chair and get to reading Thoughts from the Rock.

This edition also includes finished musical work by LeeAnn Severson:

“The Cage”
“The Sun and the Moon”


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